Engineering the Cheapest and Healthiest Diet on a Budget

eating on a tight budgetThe common perception behind eating on a budget is that you’ll have to resort to cheap and unhealthy food.

If you go on any nutrition or frugality forum you’ll see this question come up often, with mixed answers of:

“Stick with calorie-dense cheap foods like breads and rice”


“You can still eat healthy, you just have to buy nutrient dense foods”

So which is it?

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The Irony of Being Bored Eating Paleo

confused woman“So, what do you eat on Paleo?”

‘Mainly meat and vegetables, with some nuts and fruit’ 

“Wow! Don’t you get bored eating like that?

This oh so common conversation is nothing new to you if you’ve tried Paleo in the past or still currently follow it.

My response, and argument against this sort of assertion is that I’m far more likely to get bored eating what most people eat than from meals consisting of Paleo-friendly foods. There are two main reasons behind this:

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The HUGE Unintentional Mistake Behind Your Argument to Go Paleo

Men's and Women's Olympic Swimming.  National Aquatics Center

Did you know that Michael Phelps eats 12,000 calories a day?

Michael Phelps also dominates his sport and has won 22 Olympic medals.

Clearly if I start eating 12,000 calories a day I will also be a great swimmer.

Did you buy that? I hope not. That’s a pretty obvious example of how inferences can go bad quickly. But not all examples are that obvious, in fact you (and I) probably make similar mistakes on a daily basis.

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Why Weight Watchers Has a 99% Failure Rate

Close-up of a fitness woman with thumb up holding a weight scale

Just about everyone knows someone who is attempting to lose weight and become healthier by signing up for Weight Watchers, maybe you have yourself. The problem is, that despite good intentions, Weight Watchers isn’t an effective or healthy approach to weight loss. It’s hard to get an exact number, but the percentage of people on […]

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Featured Blog Friday #4

Every Friday I like to feature a new blog, one that isn’t on most people’s radar.  It may or may not be on the list of the Top Nutrition Blogs.  The purpose of this is two-fold: 1. To connect people with content they will enjoy 2. To recognize hard working bloggers who continuously put on […]

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